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A high school girl starts finding the guy she likes to ask him out to lunch but accidentally asks 3 of his brothers who look just like him. Read from right to left.


January 26th, 2015, 7:24 pm

Hanabi and the brothers in a new comic series!?

So, I guess you can call it a crossover somewhat. The new comic series...
Fish eye lens on Smack Jeeves!

It's basically about just random stuff that happens in my thoughts and in real life...!! The main character goes to school with Hanabi and experiences strange events i suppose (depending on the chapter/arc).

Since I haven't done much describing the other characters (besides Kou and Hanabi) in this comic, I'll probably have more scenes made with the other guys at "Fish eye lens." Why the title? Well... it's because of a song I heard (I didn't know how to title the comic...)!
Coach Z - Fish Eye Lens ft. Strong Bad

Okay! That's all!

-eeveetron <3

October 4th, 2014, 1:43 am

More of Hanabi and maybe the siblings!?

Hello, everyone! It's been about 2 years since I've updated Sibling Maniac. Even though I'm not making the sibling maniac comic, I'm making art tutorials with the characters!
So, if you want to check it out, go to my deviantart page and the tutorials folder "Why do you need to look so good in a tutorial."
I'll be updating more soon! See them HERE!

April 13th, 2012, 6:45 pm

Sadly, today is the end.

i'm sorry everyone. Sibling Maniac is ending today. i want to focus on my new series, Sweetened Weekdays. once again, in the future comics of the new series, a look-alike hanabi and kou will appear in a story! =] they have different personalities though... well, that's what i'm planning to do.

sorry, the ending isn't very good. and it really is abrupt. just make up your own ending with that amazing imagination of yours xD

anyway, if you wish to continue reading my work, you can visit
Sweetened Weekdays.

profile page


thanks for reading Sibling Maniac!


April 9th, 2012, 11:59 pm

Abrupt End & New Comic Series

as the title says, Sibling Maniac will come to an abrupt end very soon, sadly. so, unexpected encounters is the last comic of sibling maniac... but the new comic series is Sweetened Weekdays, a whole new series that i made not long ago. i hope you can all check it out! here is the site of sweetened weekdays...


in Sweetened Weekdays, i will make several one-shot comics, although the first story is a two-parter. xD haha. the one-shot comics are basically about high school girls falling in love [in different forms] lol. there will be specific themes like the first story, Virtual Boyfriend, is a girl who likes her boyfriend online but in reality, the "boyfriend" is the guy she hates - a love/hate relationship?! o__o; then another story might have a HANABI LOOK-ALIKE!? xD except she's going to be a tsundere LOL another love/hate relationship!?

so in the end, you won't stop reading sibling maniac afterall! hanabi will be in the next series in the future... and possibly kou (without the mask. sorry xD) haha =]

i suppose that is all!

thanks for reading Sibling Maniac so far!


March 28th, 2012, 10:00 pm

Unexpected Encounters

the new series starts today!

it's kind of like hanabi's everyday life with the people around her, especially the four brothers. quite random, but this is all i can think of right now while i'm making a new series. =_=; i hope you enjoy it!


March 25th, 2012, 4:04 pm

Upload a comic already!! D:<

there's something wrong with the comic uploader thing...!! i don't know why i can't upload pictures at the moment. i'm getting frustrated! sorry for not being able to upload comics for a little while.

i'm not sure if it's just me... when i look at the list of chapters and pages on the upload comics page or something, it's all blank as if i deleted them all! T__T and now i can't upload anything! wtf!

i'll wait for a while to see if it works... again >__<


March 19th, 2012, 8:52 pm

Something new?

it's the end of Sibling Maniac: Relationships and the start of what is called Unexpected Encounters. it's pretty much about hanabi's daily school life with random/unexpected/strange events that occur xD

i won't be uploading everyday now, but look forward to what's to come!


March 12th, 2012, 8:57 pm

I was in a panic xD

well, my flashdrive started working for some unknown reason xD lolol now i know that i have to copy those files to my laptop. ok, all's good and well hehe

i shall now upload comics again!
after the girl game, i might not be uploading as often. maybe a few times a week, but not everyday. why? because. i don't have many interesting ideas!! =_=;

alrighty then! again, i won't be posting any kai pictures for the girl game. LOL he's ok by himself ahaha but i hope you will like the rest of the pictures!


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