January 26th, 2015, 7:24 pm

Hanabi and the brothers in a new comic series!?

So, I guess you can call it a crossover somewhat. The new comic series...
Fish eye lens on Smack Jeeves!

It's basically about just random stuff that happens in my thoughts and in real life...!! The main character goes to school with Hanabi and experiences strange events i suppose (depending on the chapter/arc).

Since I haven't done much describing the other characters (besides Kou and Hanabi) in this comic, I'll probably have more scenes made with the other guys at "Fish eye lens." Why the title? Well... it's because of a song I heard (I didn't know how to title the comic...)!
Coach Z - Fish Eye Lens ft. Strong Bad

Okay! That's all!

-eeveetron <3

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