April 9th, 2012, 11:59 pm

Abrupt End & New Comic Series

as the title says, Sibling Maniac will come to an abrupt end very soon, sadly. so, unexpected encounters is the last comic of sibling maniac... but the new comic series is Sweetened Weekdays, a whole new series that i made not long ago. i hope you can all check it out! here is the site of sweetened weekdays...


in Sweetened Weekdays, i will make several one-shot comics, although the first story is a two-parter. xD haha. the one-shot comics are basically about high school girls falling in love [in different forms] lol. there will be specific themes like the first story, Virtual Boyfriend, is a girl who likes her boyfriend online but in reality, the "boyfriend" is the guy she hates - a love/hate relationship?! o__o; then another story might have a HANABI LOOK-ALIKE!? xD except she's going to be a tsundere LOL another love/hate relationship!?

so in the end, you won't stop reading sibling maniac afterall! hanabi will be in the next series in the future... and possibly kou (without the mask. sorry xD) haha =]

i suppose that is all!

thanks for reading Sibling Maniac so far!


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